For rent

Kanoter: TrapCanoes: Trapper and Hassle
Kayaks: One-person sea kayaks Hassle
Bikes: 3 speed DBS or no gears damcyklar
Boats: Aluminiumboat with engine 5 hp

Sea summer offers good opportunities for canoeing, both day trips and longer tours, we can usefully spend some time on the lake when it offers varied paddling and many beautiful natural surroundings. Would you like to paddle in rivers and small streams are different possibilities in connection to the lake.

Do you want to have transportation by canoes and packing can be arranged if time (reservations) Life jackets, packs, bags, transport wheels included. Map of the Sommensea and paddle leads are with us.

Canoe / day 250sek
Canoe Weekly 900sek
Kayak per day 275sek
Kayak weekly 1000sek


Boat with motor per day 500sek

Boat with motor weekly 2500sek